Company HR Process

Great Organisations are Built on Great People

Hemant Sharma

This book has been designed to generate general perception about Human Resource Process. The intention was to share valuable and practical aspects of role of HR department and HR processes in an organisation. Students pursuing their MBA, BBA & MSW will immensely benefit from this book. The main focus is on giving real and up-to-date information than to cover typical theory. This book will be an asset for any new joiner in HR department of any organisation.

After reading this book, any normal person can also understand what is HR? What is the work of HR? How we can change our energy into currency in square form? How a person can reach in next higher level? What are the roles & responsibilities of HR? What is the effect of Trainings? How HR is safety cover for Employee & Employer? How HR does Hiring, Firing & Caring? And many more…..  

This book has been written in very simple language with wonderful life experiences & funny real life examples. Everyone will get pleasure while reading this book. With light humour it can be said that, after reading this book, any human can be converted into superhuman.

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